Telling an Inclusive Story: How Black Girls Code CEO Cristina Jones Helps Girls Launch into Tech

February 6, 2024

In this episode of B The Way Forward, host Brenda Darden Wilkerson talks with CEO of Black Girls Code, Cristina Jones about her work to solve the lack of representation of Black women in technology. Only 2% of the STEM workforce are Black women, and Cristina is hoping to change that. She tells our listeners how she plans to achieve the mission of Black Girls Code, which is to launch 1 million girls into technology by 2040. Her unique perspective as a former Hollywood executive makes her a powerful new force in the tech space, telling a more inclusive story that encourages black girls to join the tech industry.

Brenda and Cristina dive into terminology and tech talk and why language in the industry is so important for young girls to feel empowered and welcome into the space. Cristina’s breadth of advice is endless. You’ll learn why it’s crucial to know and articulate your value proposition and the strengths you have to offer in the workforce.

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