Letter from our CEO: My First 100 Days

January 6, 2024

Code is more than algorithms and applications—it’s language that powers dreams and dissolves barriers. In my first 100 days, my role was to explore and build, navigating all the ways Black girls can participate in and lead tech.

We’ve been relentless.

The collaborative event with Hasbro was a wonder—over 150 attendees, including girls and their families. Each completed task, each “paycheck” in the form of a gift bag, represented more than a reward—it symbolized a future where these girls see themselves as creators and innovators.

My inaugural staff retreat was a testament to the strength of unity. We converged from across the nation, shared visions, refined our mission, and bolstered our values to serve our community better.

Our partnerships with industry giants— IBM, L’Oreal, Nextera, Verizon, and more—are leading us to a thriving ecosystem of innovation and learning. With product design courses led by Nike, workshops crafted with Epic Games, and the Build a Beat Challenge alongside Infosys and GoldieBlox, that drove one billion (yes, with a “b”) impressions, we’re proving that the horizon for our girls is infinite.

Yet, as I envision the future, the questions that propel us beckon: Who’s the next ally to join us? Which new communities will we kindle a spark in? How do we expand the platforms and programs that have garnered the affection and enthusiasm of our participants?

At BGC, STEM has always been our core, and now, with the inclusion of Art, we’re transforming STEM into STEAM. Our Build A Beat Challenge and Code Your Own Superhero initiatives exemplify tech as vibrant and expressive as a work on canvas or a song melody. Al and explorations into fashion and cartoons this spring await us. Further collaborations with ServiceNow, Udemy, and the NBA Foundation promise to deepen our impact.

Our eyes are ever-set on this: launching one million Black girls into tech by 2040. To get there, we’re expanding into new cities, rolling out “always on” programming, and expanding our focus to include a new generation of leaders.

Rooted in our core values of belonging, innovation, justice, impact, and joy, we step into each day with gratitude for people like you, dear donors, who embrace our mission and energize our vision.

Together, we’re coding a bright, equitable, and groundbreaking future.

Thank you for standing alongside us.

Warm regards,


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